Compliance & Policies


Ferretti International views Environmental Management as a key and critical requirement in the way we do business. Our vision is summed up in our Environment Policy, our effectiveness detailed within our Environmental Management System and our commitment reflected by our performance records.

Ferretti International acknowledge that the very nature of projects undertaken, as well as the methods explored, as well as plant and equipment used, all have the potential to adversely impact the environment. Therefore, our approach to Environment Management is similar to those taken with safety management and that is to be proactive driven and not reactive. As a result to this approach, Ferretti International have an excellent environmental record and is committed to maintaining that record.

Ferretti International have an established and effective Environmental Management System but understand one size does not fit all, as such Project Environment plans shall be developed to meet client and project specific requirements. Ferretti International also take responsibility for the overall performance of any subcontractors and  the standards set by Ferretti International are the minimum standards to which we manage and control our subcontractors.

Ferretti International accepts the following environmental ideals:

  • Protect existing flora and fauna as much as possible
  • Prevent pollution to the atmosphere, ground, catchments and waterways
  • Minimise the erosion effects of our plant and equipment
  • Minimise and dispose of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Repair damaged road surfacing and/or easements
  • Reinstate fencing if it was removed in the course of our work
  • Removal of any contaminated topsoil and replacement
  • Carry out any re-seeding as may be required.

Health & Safety

Ferretti International is committed to providing a secure, healthy, safe workplace with safe systems of work, on-going training, competent supervisors and safe plant and equipment.

To achieve the above statement, Ferretti International has implemented a Safety Management System certified to AS4801, which provides the foundation on which our workshop and any site based project are managed. To allow us to continue to comply with the requirements of our clients our Safety Management System is flexible and provides easy interaction with client safety systems and project specific requirements.

Providing the appropriate resources is a critical requirement to ensuring the Safety Management System functions effectively and efficiently. Resources include dedicated safety people, training and appropriate equipment, facilities and plant.

In accordance with legislation, Ferretti International also takes responsibility for the performance of any subcontractors we employ and the safety standards set by Ferretti International are the minimum standards to which  Ferretti International manage and control subcontractors.

Ferretti International understands it is not just putting safety blocks together that creates a safe working environment but that this must be combined with a positive safety culture. To achieve this a Safety Leadership Program for management is in place and the employees are empowered to have an active part of the running and continual improvement of the Safety Management System


Our company understands quality to be “Conformance to Requirements and satisfying the Needs of Our Customers”.

All Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Testing and Inspection processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Client Standard Specifications unless otherwise agreed.

Ferretti International Pty Ltd maintains a Quality Assurance System, which has been certified to AS NZS ISO9001-2015.

A copy of our Company Quality Manual and procedures is available at our Ottoway premises for inspection on appointment. For interstate or overseas Clients, arrangements can be made for the issue of an uncontrolled copy.

A Project Specific Quality Plan and an Inspection and Test Plan complete with appropriate checklists is developed where required by the contract. These describe all the quality aspects of the contract including design, materials control, process and construction controls, inspection, testing and records.

Prior to commencement of any combined project where Ferretti International Pty Ltd is the prime contractor, we assume overall responsibility for Project Quality Assurance. Our major subcontractors may or may not be quality accredited in their own right but in all cases they will be approved and pre-qualified to undertake Ferretti International works.

Policies & Certifications